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Founded by Kenadeed Hersi, M.D.
Out Founding Story

Toronto -> 956

From Toronto, Canada Dr. Hersi obtained his medical doctorate at the University of Virginia and completed residency in emergency medicine in Newark at Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School, University Hospital.

After getting his Texas medical license in 2017 with plans to work in Houston, Hurricane Harvey changed all that. By chance he pivoted to the Rio Grande Valley and has been here since.

He's worked at South Texas Health Systems, Rio Grande Regional Hospital and Doctors' Hospital at Renaissance.

In 2021 a close friend disclosed that he had had gynecomastia surgery done by a local plastic surgeon under general anesthesia. Unfortunately the gland wasn't removed leading him to get revision surgery by a gynecomastia expert in New York.

The revision was done under local anesthesia. After seeing how straight forward the surgery could be and the difference it made in his life, he asked Dr. Hersi: why he doesn't make that his practice? 

Ever since Dr. Hersi has worked tirelessly not only to learn the latest and greatest techniques in gynecomastia removal, high definition lipo-sculpture and fat transfer from leading surgeons around the world, but also to create a practice that is transparent and professional.

Located in Mission, Texas

beside the Shary golf course

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